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The History Of Slotland Casino For The Last 8 Years And Casino Winners Stats

2006-09-24 05:12

7th jackpot of the year 2006 has been hit by UK player KOSBORNE on August 19 to deliver $76,675 Treasure Box win. In the past 8 months of 2006, Slotland casino has seen 7 new jackpot winners, along with having celebrated its 8th birthday in August. Let`s look at Slotland online and mobile casino stats concerning jackpot winners over the past years.

1998: This was the year the casino opened its doors to the online gaming public late in the year. That`s why there was only one jackpot winner on Golden 8 slot (at the time the only slot machine available to play). This first jackpot of $33,838 had been hit by JFOX34.

1999: Slotland`s first full year of online operations and it was a propitious start to a long and rewarding career! During 1999, the casino paid out 8 progressive jackpots, with a total of $452,407 paid out, making an average jackpot win of $56,551.

2000: In this, Slotland`s 2nd full year, the trend of happy jackpot winners continued. Once again 8 jackpot winners, with a total of $710,179 in progressive jackpot pay outs with an average jackpot win of $88,772. The online casino had its first of two $100,000+ jackpot winners when player with the name BOSSMAN48 won $139,233 on Jacks or Better. 2 jackpot winners later, PAULM broke this record by winning $142,460 while playing Space Jack blackjack game. This record win would not be broken again until 2003!

2001: The 3rd year continued significant jackpot payouts! In this year, Slotland casino found 9 progressive jackpot winners, garnering a total of $715,030 in winnings, making an average jackpot win of 79,448. 2001 year also saw 3 jackpot winners who each pulled in more than $100,000 on a single spin/hand!

2002: Year 4 was also another banner year for Slotland jackpot winners. Slotland uncovered 9 new jackpot winners, with a total of $739,632 in jackpot payouts, so the average jackpot win reached $82,181. In this year, 2 players broke the $100,000 mark while winning big jackpots!

2003: Slotland`s 5th year of fun and winnings was as good as any previous year, but probably was considered the best year by 8 jackpot winners of that year, who won a combined total of $691,136, an average jackpot win of $86,392. The previous record win of $142,460 was broken by WILSON3970 who won $147,486 while playing popular Golden 8 9 reel slot machine! 2 jackpot winners won $100,000+ jackpots!

2004: Year 6 continued the trend of rich jackpot winners, when a total of 8 new winners who took home $781,849; an average jackpot win jumped to $97,731. This year, Slotland online casino saw an astonishing 5 players pull in more than $100,000 on their jackpot win!

2005: The 7th year produced 9 more jackpot winners, earning a total of $905,195, making an average jackpot win of over $100K - $100,688 fro an average winner! In this year of amazing wins, 6 of 9 online casino players broke the $100,000 mark when hitting progressive jackpots! This year also saw the introduction of Slotland`s mobile gaming platform, which has been a big hit among both existing and new players!

2006: In this, the 8th year of successful operations, Slotland casino has so far seen 7 jackpot winners in the first 8 months! These 7 winners won an impressive total of $750,885, making an average jackpot win of $107,269. 2006th year also saw the record jackpot win broken TWICE! First, COWGYRLGHOST won $155,917 while playing Striking 7`s, becoming not only Slotland`s first jackpot winner of 2006 but the biggest jackpot winner in the history to date! The very next jackpot broke this short-lived record, when OLYMPIAGOLD won $163,114 while playing Lucky Stars. OLYMPIAGOLD was also the 1st jackpot winner to hit while using a mobile device! See his winner story in the news section of The Mobile Casinos.

In summary, growing up with Slotland has proved to be both fun and rewarding for Slotland`s loyal group of players. With this amazing current trend of 7 jackpot winners within the first 8 months of 2006, don`t you think it`s time for you to pull down the next big progressive? It certainly appears as if there could be more jackpot winners this year than for any other year in the past, at the rate things are going!

Withe the introduction of mobile games, Slotland`s players have ability to play anytime, anywhere. Spin the wheel when you are waiting for somebody, riding the car or sitting in the park. Today you can play a total of 3 mobile games - lucky stars, golden8 and booster. Check out is your mobile device support Java and download the free games from the Slotland`s website. New games are added regularly. See the review of the Slotland mobile casino and how to download and play the games.

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