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Mobile Phone Gambling Growth And Lottery Profits

2008-03-02 18:12

Take up of gambling on mobile phones is increasing as more cell phones offering high data speeds become available. Juniper Research, which is predicting that mobile phone gambling worldwide will be worth nearly $12 billion globally by 2010, attributes this surge to the increasing deployment of multiple mobile payment technologies, as well as the liberalisation of remote gambling legislation in key markets, but they also expect lottery operators to play a huge part in driving growth.

According to recent research by Juniper Research, mobile lottery games will be one of the main expansion areas for mobile gaming over the next 5 years. To respond to the market tendency, mobile software developers bring out mobile versions of its existing lottery products, enabling mobile gaming site operators to leverage their games to a whole new access channel. This will allow players to play lotto literally anywhere and at anytime.

GMTEGET (European Game & Entertainment Technology Ltd Ab), a Finnish supplier of digital gaming solutions, has added mobile lotto to its lottery product line. Specifically in the lotto field, EGET delivered two MMS scratch card applications for a Swedish national lottery operator already last year. By releasing the Java mobile lotto, EGET continues to provide top quality games for mobiles.

According to the recent data, Juniper Research predicts that the global market for all forms of mobile gambling (casinos, lotteries and sports betting) will grow from EUR 1 billion in 2006 to EUR 12.7 billion by 2011 in terms of gross value of bets placed.

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