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Slotland`s Promotions In November - Win Bonuses And Free Gifts

2006-11-03 07:18

Come join in on Slotland online/mobile casino`s More Time weekend promotion, where the casino have plenty of bonuses to help you win the jackpot that is now over $50,000 and grows! After you snatch the top prize, you can have all the time you want! Make the most of the rich bonuses in November, and use them to win the big progressive jackpot on any of the casino games, on your PC or cell phone!

Today is the best day to start playing Mobile games at Slotland. Slotland casino offers 3 great games on the mobile platform (Lucky Stars, Jacks or Better and Golden 8). Get with the times and get mobile today! Learn about all of the cell phone/PDA offerings by visiting our compartible phones page or by contacting casino`s top-notch customer support staff.

Make a deposit and get it right back! On this special day, each hour will randomly select 4 Slotland players whose deposits are refunded. At the beginning of each hour of the day, Slotland`s system will search to find which casino players have made a deposit the previous hour. The randomly selected players will be sent an email congratulating them on their good fortune. Even with small deposit under $50, you STILL can receive a MINIMUM of $50 to your Slotland account!

10-20-25 BONUSES! (November 5).
Get up to 25% match bonus on any deposit you made during this day! This bonus requires no luck and no thinking. Rewards are simple and immediate. Any deposit for less than $100 earns a 10% bonus. Any deposit for $100 earns a 20% bonus. And finally, any $200 bonus earns a whopping 25% bonus! So YOU get to decide just how much of a bonus you want!

Each deposit earns 1 ticket to random draw. $500 in deposits during promotional weekend AUTOMATICALLY WINS a gift item! At the end of the promotional weekend, a drawing of 50 names will take place on Tuesday, November 7. The randomly drawn names will each win a special Slotland Gift Item! Note: you can use your Slotland`s online casino account and bonuses to play games on your mobile phone.

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