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Review Of Treasure Box Slot Machine, Mobile Game

Gaming software: Slotland

Click to Preview Treasure Box Treasure Box is the latest progressive 3 reel, 4 payline slot machine of Slotland Mobile casino. The bet size ranges from $0.50 to $2. You need to place a bet on at least one line out of 4, the bottom line.

How to Play
Press the SPIN buttton by either pressing the number '6' on your keyboard, or by pressing the right functional button. You might be prompted to allow data transfer again - confirm it.

The reels start spinning and when they stop you see the symbols on the bottom line. Treasure Box is unique in that it now lets you hold any of the reels on the bottom line to increase the chance of winning. This is where your skill and judgment come into play. Now decide which winning combination you are going to pursue and hold those respective reels accordingly.

Hold the reels 1, 2, and 3 by pressing the numbers 1, 2 and 3 on your phone, respectively. To release a reel just press its number again. Once you are satisfied with the selection of the reels to hold, press SPIN button (or '6') again to complete this game.

When the reels next stop, you'll see all the symbols on all lines. This is your final winning combination. If you win, the message 'WON ***' appears shortly across the screen. This winning amount is added to your cash balance that can be seen at the very bottom of your screen in the middle.

Special Treasury Fund
This fund is accumulated as you play. For each 'WILD' symbol that appears on the screen, the bet placed on that line is added to your Treasury Bonus Fund. This fund is yours only to win and you win it by getting the same symbol combination as the combination shown on the screen below the lines. The size of your treasury fund is always visible as the yellow number on the right of the screen.

To win the Slotland progressive jackpot on Treasure Box, you need to hit 3 'WILD' symbols with a maximum bet on the winning payline. The progressive jackpot can reach well over $100,000.

Download and play Treasure Box slot now as Slotland Mobile casino gives you $20 bonus just to try this new game.

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