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Review Of Booster Slot Machine, Mobile Game

Gaming software: Slotland

Click to Preview Booster Booster is one of the first slot machine games at Slotland casino that now available in mobile version. Mobile Booster is a wireless version of the newest slot machine based on Slotland's original idea of a possibility to boost your bet and win 10 times, and even reclaim part or all of your lost bets! The three 'BOOST' symbols on a maximum bet win the Slotland progressive Jackpot. Minimum bet = $0.50; maximum bet = $5.00

The bet ranges from $0.50 to $5. There is just one payline in Booster. You can change your bet by pressing the buttons 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 respectively for the bet size of $0.50, $1, $2, $3, $5. Alternatively, you can use the up and down arrows of your navigation cross to increase or decrease the bet.

The current size of your bet is displayed in the center right portion of your screen. Once you are satisfied with your bet, press the 'SPIN' ('S') buttton by either pressing the number '6' on your keyboard, or by pressing the right functional button, which should be the button just below the letter 'S' in the lower right region of the screen. You might be prompted to allow data transfer again. You need to confirm.

The reels start spinning and when they stop you see the winning symbols. If you win, the amount is added to your cash balance and you can play a new round where you can change your bet again or keep it same and proceed directly to spinning again. Your cash balance can be seen all the time - it is the red number in the lower right portion of the screen.

Booster also features a special 'Boost Round'. This is activated anytime a 'BOOST' symbol is about to appear in any position. This triggers a special 'Boost Round' where you have a chance to increase your initial bet tenfold. Just use the 'SPIN' button to call the 'BOOST' menu and select whether you want to multiply your bet by ten (BOOST) or not (SPIN) by using the up/down navigation arrows. Afterwards just press 'SPIN' again to continue the round.

Booster has yet another special feature: all your lost bets (ie bets from spins where you didn't win anything) are added to a special 'Booster Fund'. This is your personal fund and nobody else can win it over you! You have two options what to do with this fund. You can cash-in this fund anytime for a 10% of its value by pressing the 'MENU' (the left confirmation button), choosing the 'CASH' option by pressing the down arrow and pressing the right confirmation key. The 10% of the Booster fund is added to your cash balance and the Booster Fund is reset back to zero.

Or you can try to recover the full amount of this fund in a special 'WIN/LOSE' feature round. This round is triggered everytime you hit three 'chip' symbols on the middle payline. Just press the 'SPIN' button to enter the round. In this 'WIN/LOSE' round only 'WIN' symbols appear. If you get three 'WIN' symbols, the entire Booster Fund is yours!

To win the Slotland progressive jackpot, you need to hit three 'BOOST' symbols on the winning payline with a maximum bet. During the 'Boost Round', three 'BOOST' symbols with ANY bet placed win the progressive jackpot!

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