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Review Of Striking 7s Blackjack, Mobile Game

Gaming software: Slotland

Click to Preview Striking 7s Striking Sevens is a popular progressive blackjack game at Slotland mobile casino. Striking 7s is a wireless version of one of our newest games based on Deuces Wild video poker game. The Natural Royal Flush on a maximum bet wins the Slotland progressive Jackpot. Minimum bet = $0.50; maximum bet = $10.00

How to play Striking 7s
Once you are satisfied with your bet, you can press the 'DEAL/DRAW' buttton by either pressing the number '6' on your keyboard, or by pressing the right functional button, which should be the button just below the text 'DEAL/DRAW'.

The 5 cards are dealt and now you have the option to select the cards you want to discard (replace) by pressing the corresponding numbers 1 to 5 on your keyboard. For example, by pressing 1 the leftmost card is discarded; by pressing 2 the second card from the left is replaced, etc. Alternatively, you can use the navigation arrows on your keyboard to navigate to the card you want to discard and replace the card by pressing the confirmation button. Once you are satisfied with the selection of the cards to replace, press the 'DEAL/DRAW' button again.

Now you've received new cards for the ones you discarded. If you've won, the winning amount according to the paytable is displayed on the screen.

After each win, a 'double/collect' feature appears where you have a chance to double or collect your winnings. You select the preferrered option by pressing the up or down arrows of your navigation cross. Then just press the right confirmation button to confirm. If you've chosen to double your winnings, you are dealt five new cards, with the first card facing up, the other four facing down.

The objective of the Doubling Feature is to select a card of higher value from the four ones facing down than the first card drawn by the computer (Ace is the best card possible, 2 the lowest one, 7 is not wild and stands for its actual value). Select the position of the card which you think will beat the left card by pressing the numbers 2 to 5 for the respective position from left to right. You can also use the left and right arrows of your navigation cross to point to the position and press the confirmation button

Afterwards, press the 'DEAL/DRAW' button to see the 4 remaining cards. If you select a position containing a higher valued card, your win is doubled and you can collect it or try to double your money again; if not, you lose all the funds. After the 'double/collect' round is over, the amount you won is added to your cash balance. The actual balance of your cash is displayed all the time in the lower right region of your screen.

Now the round is over and you can adjust your bet again and press the 'DEAL/DRAW' for a new set of cards. You can also customize the 'Exit' button and the DEAL/DRAW (DOUBLE/COLLECT) button from the main game menu by selecting the 'Define Keys' option.

To win the Slotland progressive jackpot, you need to place the maximum bet of $10 and get the Natural Royal Flush winning combination.

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