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Review Of Blackjack Gold Blackjack, Mobile Game

Gaming software: OGS

Preview Blackjack Gold Blackjack game of Gold Mobile casino is fun and easy to play. Play your hand at this classic version of Blackjack. Make sure you beat the dealer, but don't go over 21 and bust. Download this Blackjack game from Gold Mobile Casino Cards Lobby - visit the Blackjack table and feel the excitement of this classic casino game. The game is compartible with most mobile phones that supports java including handsets of Motorola, NOKIA, LG, Siemens, SonyEricsson and Samsung.

Gold Mobile Casino's Blackjack Rules
Before the cards are dealt you have to select a chip, $1 chip, $2 chip, $5 chip, $10 chip or $25 chip, via the Right or Left arrow keys. Then press on the "Make Bet" key. After the cards are dealt, bets may not be changed. During the course of the hand, players may add to their bets through Double, Splits, Insurance and Even Money options. If it is possible to split two cards a button will appear to allow the you to split the cards. Then you can simply click on the "Split" button. Please note that Insurance, Double and Split require additional bets.

Blackjack is a game between a player and the dealer - each of them try to reach 21 without going bust over 21. Make your bets and get dealt cards like you would at the casino! If the player or dealer takes additional card; it is called a hit. If you choose not to take another card - it is called standing. It the sum of dealer and player's cards are the same, the player wins nothing, this is called a push.

The dealer has a few simple rules, with 16 points or less they must take a card, with 17 or more they must stand. The dealer uses 6 decks and always deals to the player first.

Any combination of two cards equal to 21 points is Blackjack. If you get a Blackjack then the payout is equivalent to 150% of the sum of the bet (3:2), i.e. if he placed 10 chips you receive the 10 chips of his bet and 15 chips as winnings. In the dealer has a Blackjack the game immediately stops and the dealer wins automatically (paid 1:1).

You can double your bet with a two-card hand. A sum equivalent to your first bet is withdrawn from your account and you will be dealt one final card.

If you have 2 cards of the same value, you have an option to split them. The sum of your bet will be also placed on the second card and you will be playing 2 separate hands. In the case of split, your Blackjack is not possible and is considered as a regular 21. In this case, a dealer's Blackjack wins, and a dealer's 21 becomes a "Push". Only one split is allowed during a game.

If the dealer's first card is Ace, you can place an insurance bet equivalent to half of your first bet. If dealer gets Blackjack and there is no overdrawing in the insurance hand, the player wins the insurance bet with the payment of 200% but will loose his/her original bet. If the dealer doesn't have Blackjack the insurance bet is lost and the game goes on as usual. In case of a push, you will get your bet back and also win the insurance bet. You can insure a bet after the cards are dealt, but prior to making a split. If you have a chance to make a split, you can choose to place an insurance bet first and then make split. After the split, both hands will be insured.

Even Money
If you have Blackjack and the dealer's first card is an Ace, you will be offered Even Money. The odds are 1:1 not 3:2 and independent of the dealer's cards. If you refuse the opportunity to take even money and the dealer earns Blackjack, you will get your original bet back, but win nothing.

Unfortunately, Gold Mobile Casino is now closed. Please find similar games from other mobile casinos.

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