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New Online Slot Machine Treasure Box Now Available For Cell Phones At Slotland Mobile

2007-10-19 08:44

Internet casino Slotland, is now offering its popular multi-line slot machine game, Treasure Box, on mobile phone and PDA`s platform.

The new mobile version of Treasure Box is the sixth real-money game available on Slotland`s WAP site, and new players will receive $20 just to try it out (for a limited time only, about a month long).

Treasure Box is a unique style of online slot machine that is similar to multi hand video poker games. Players are presented with four sets of three reels, and once the lever is pulled, the bottom reel set spins. Players can hold the result on any or all the reels, and each payline with a bet on it can win! The game has also connected to the shared prograssive jackpot that typically exceeds $100,000.

Spokesperson for Slotland mobile casino, John Lancelet, said, "Our mobile games are increasingly popular, that`s for sure."

"But its not just our regular players that are switching to the mobile games, it`s people with cool mobile phones looking for something fun to do with them," he added.

A graphical tour of Slotland`s new mobile slot machine, Treasure Box, is available at Slotland Internet website. Online casino fans that own mobile phones or PDA`s can install and play the new game by going to WAP website of Slotland Casino ( in their phones browser.

One account for mobile and web games
You can use your Slotland ONLINE casino account for playing on anywhere, be it your cell phone, PDA, Desktop PC, Laptop, WebTV or Mac. Everything is integrated and all account features are accessible from your cell phone, including the ability to make deposits and withdrawals. We would recommend you opening an ONLINE casino account, collect regular 100% bonus up to $100 free and then play on your mobile phone.

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