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First Mobile Progressive Jackpot Winner - Slotland Casino Player Wins $163,114 On Lucky Stars Slot

2006-03-21 07:39

Lucky U.S. player OLYMPIAGOLD from Texas struck it rich with a $163,114 win while playing Slotland`s newest slot machine game, Lucky Stars! OLYMPIAGOLD is the 2nd progressive jackpot winner of the 2006 at Slotland and first mobile jackpot winner in the history. Not only did this fantastic win break the previous record (of $162,514 won by player OOHLAHMA on Booster last year), but this is also the first time that a mobile player has won the progressive jackpot! With the recent introduction of the mobile platform, Slotland casino was not expecting to see a jackpot winner from this platform in such a short time, but as we all know, in gambling anything can happen! Here is the story of OLYMPIAGOLD that he told to a Slotland casino manager:

I am a gadget freak! I love all sorts of electronic items, and so of course I have a nice mobile phone with all the extras. I wasn`t even aware that you could gamble on your cell phone until a friend of mine (who knew that I loved electronic games!) introduced me to Slotland`s mobile games.

With a free bonus to start off, it didn`t take me but a second to decide that I wanted to join up and give it a shot. At the time I joined, they only had one game, Lucky Stars, but I sure loved that game. My first few shots at Lucky Stars weren`t exactly lucky, but I did well enough that I kept coming back each week for more. I had a few good wins, was able to cash out $200 on one of my $100 deposits a couple of weeks back, so I was already hooked!

When Slotland added the card game to the mobile system, I gave that game a try as well. I`m not much of a card fan, so the game didn`t do as much for me as Lucky Stars, so I found myself continuing to return to my favorite slots game.

Then this past weekend, yet another new mobile game was added to the lot. Golden 8 was much more appealing than the card game, but I guess I felt like I was in the groove with Lucky Stars, as I just cannot seem to keep away from that game! Actually, I did pretty well with Golden8, but I never seemed to hit a big one to boost my deposit to at least double.

Then on Sunday, my wife took the kids to church and I told her I wanted to stay home today (I wanted to play some more at Slotland, but didn`t want to tell her that was my real reason for skipping church!). I fiddled around for an hour or so, cleaning up and stuff, before I decided I better get some playing time in before they returned. I started again with Golden8 (I don`t know why, but I always feel that new games are looser than the older games) and did alright, but nothing exciting.

After about an hour or so of play, with little change in my bankroll, I felt it was time to tackle Lucky Stars again. I already had two of my three stars lit up (the 3rd star would give me a free spin with a guaranteed win multiplied x10!), so I figured with a little luck I could light up the third and possibly pull in a nice win to double my $100 deposit.

It wasn`t more than 15 minutes before I lit up the 3rd star and I couldn`t believe MY lucky stars when the bonus spin produced THREE BARS across the fourth pay line! Just like that, I had over $163,000 in my account! My hands were sweating and I was literally shaking all over. I almost threw my phone up in the air when I hit that, but there is no way I would break that lucky gadget! With a smile glued on my face, I just held and hugged that stupid phone!

As you can guess, I had no problem telling my wife that I played hooky from church to gamble and I won! And she had no problem hearing that, because I just kept the phone plugged in and on my winning page to show her I wasn`t lying! Of course, she already has plans for most of my winnings, but I told her that $5,000 of that win is all mine to just blow on more gadgets! She did not mind that one bit, as she was figuring out how to use the rest of the more than $150,000!

We hope that OLYMPIAGOLD sees many more Lucky Stars at Slotland mobile casino! Now Slotland offers over 12 casino games compartible with all browsers and computers AOL/WebTV/MAC compartible plus 3 mobile games: Lucky Stars slot, Golden8 slot and Jacks Or Better video poker. New players can claim 100% match bonus plus even more bonuses with subsequent deposits. Slotland casino offers very high odds for online slot machine games - 98% payoff sertified! All games at Slotland share the same progressive jackpot.

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