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Gold Mobile Casino Review, OGS Software.

Gold Mobile Casino Gold Mobile Casino is now CLOSED! Please visit other casinos from our list (click here for reviews).

Gold Mobile Casino is owned by Fimba Enterprises Limited, a registered company incorporated in the Republic of Cyprus and located at 3 Diagorou Street, Nicosia 1097, Cyprus. This mobile casino is rapidly growing its players base and becoming more and more popular every day. Most handsets with java from Motorola, LG, Samsung, Nokia, Siemens and SonyEricsson are supported.

How to Play
The games can be downloaded individually from the website of the casino - choose the game, your country, phone number and wait for the SMS with a WAP link. Click the link in the SMS, and if you're asked - if you want to connect to the Internet - click yes. The casino Lobby will automatically start downloading to your mobile device. Click the Lobby icon and the Lobby will open. From there, you can register an account, deposit and withdraw funds, invite friends, play the games and more.

Play for Money
Visit the Gold Mobile Casino Lobby and choose the Registration option; select and remember a Username and Password and click the "Submit" button in the registration form. Then, deposit at least the minimum sum required to play. Note: You can also register and deposit funds via Gold Mobile Casino website.

Play for Fun
To Play for Fun you just need to download the Casino Lobby and start playing. There're no limits as to how many times you play. Playing for Fun is a great way to learn how to play the casino games at the Gold Mobile Casino.

Gold Mobile casino mobile and on-line gaming environments, multiple payment options, and 24/7 Customer Support Center all converge to bring you the best casino environment as player satisfaction is the main driver in the casino. Fair and ethical play on behalf of players is expected and enforced to ensure safe and enjoyable gaming. Your feedback and suggestions are the keys to continued growth and success of Gold mobile casino. Up-to-date encryption, data protection methods and high quality standards guarantee players privacy and secure transactions.

Net winnings are paid promptly, and casino's friendly staff provides individual attention to any of players' needs.

First Deposit Bonus - 110% match bonus.
With the first deposit to your casino account, you are eligible to receive a sign-up bonus valued at 110% of the deposit or a maximum of $200 free. Double your money for the big winnings!

Next Deposit Bonus - up to 50% match bonus.
Anytime you make a deposit to your Gold Mobile casino account, you can claim extra up to 50% match bonus with a maximum of $150 free.
50% Bonus - on deposits over $150
30% Bonus - on deposits over $100
10% Bonus - on deposits over $50.

The list of all OGS games you can play at this mobile casino includes (follow the links below to see game reviews and preview screenshots):
Jacks or Better Gold, Blackjack Gold, American Roulette Gold, Honey Machine, Money Maker, Tutti Frutti


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