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Mobile Casino Upgrades Software To GameWire Version 3.1

2007-04-17 02:47

One of the leading mobile casinos today, Crazy Mobile Casino, has announced that it will incorporate the user-friendly GameWire version 3.1 software, developed by mobile gaming giants Spin3 (Microgaming), to enhance its current system for cell phone and PDA customers.

GameWire 3.1 software brings a set of new features to Crazy Mobile casino, including a higher quality user interface, easy to use navigation menu and explanations written in comprehensive, jargon-free English.

New software update will also benefit the mobile casino by improving error messages and posting clearer texts across the help screens.

The upgraded version of Crazy Mobile games will allow players to access funds from their cell phones via two different methods: receiving a cheque or by utilising a direct bank transfer, alongside current credit and debit card banking options.

As part of a wider overhaul to the Casino, three new currencies have been added to the current currency list which now includes US Dollars, Euros, Japanese Yen, UK Pounds, and Canadian Dollars amongst others.

Crazy Mobile Casino is a part of reputable Vegas Partner Lounge group that operates also 8 Microgaming online casinos and 2 poker rooms. You can see the complete review of the mobile casino, preview games and download the software here.

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