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Review Of Roulette mFortune Roulette, Mobile Game

Gaming software: mFortune

Preview Roulette mFortune Roulette, meaning “little wheel” in French, is a classic and exciting casino game that will almost certainly set the pulse racing. Whether its Red or black, high or low, odd or even, sections, neighbors, orphans, baskets, streets, or just simply lucky numbers, place your bets and spin that wheel - now you can do it with mFortune mobile game, 10p min bet!

How to Play the Game
Roulette has a simple aim: To predict which number or area of the wheel the ball will stop on. To bet, you simply place chips on your chosen area(s). Will you play safe to increase your chances of regular winnings, or hold your nerve for a big win? Remember, roulette demo mode is free and unlimited, so why not practice your skills on this exciting, nerve jangling “little wheel”.

Start spinning the roulette on your mobile now and get mFortune's £5 free bonus. You can download the Android, iPhone or smartphone game alone.

Play Roulette mFortune Roulette game at:
mFortune Casino | iPhone (Casino Review)

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